I’ve never known much more about beer than that I love drinking it… but I’m about to change all that! I decided to take the Cicerone Certification Program head on, and document the process while I’m at it. There are a couple of reasons why I started this blog:

1) You may need help studying for the test yourself and need some pointers (or want to commiserate in the craziness with me).

2) The more I write down what I’ve learned, the more I’ll retain it… or that’s the plan.

3) I want to turn more people into beer lovers (it’ll happen).

Hope you enjoy reading, laughing, drinking and crying right along with me.


Kit Alvear

Enjoying a delicious (and much needed) beer!
Enjoying a delicious (and much needed) beer!

Need some further reading material? Check out my reviews while I travel around the Chicagoland area looking for beer: kitalvear.yelp.com

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The adventures never stop, even while learning how to become a Master Cicerone


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